Paths of Grace Retreat

Visit the beautiful healing sanctuary that inspired the newly released Paths of Grace guided imagery CDs by Donna Morrish, M.S., MFT, C.Ht.

Paths of Grace retreat is designed to help you work with your inner consciousness to transform your outer reality. You will be guided through a series of expertly crafted meditations, energy practices and writing exercises to soothe your body, quiet your mind, manifest your intentions and cultivate compassion towards yourself and others. Calling upon 30 years as a psychotherapist and seminar leader, Donna will help you renew yourself in this nurturing and casual setting. Your retreat activities will take place four mornings in an atmosphere of warmth and fun, balancing play with learning. In the afternoons and evenings, you'll be free to relax and enjoy the many wonderful amenities of the spa.

Call (510) 290-0989 for details.  CRR